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The Association of Logos Bookstores is a non-profit, member-owned, trade association comprised of  independent Christian bookstore members located in the U.S., Canada and the Bahamas.

While maintaining their individuality, the store owners and managers work together as a group to determine the kinds of goods and services that the Association should provide for their benefit.
Some of these projects include an annual educational conference, consumer catalogs and flyers, in-store and phone consulting. websites, and store supplies... services that would be too expensive and too time-consuming for any one store to do on its own.

While all stores in the Association carry a core of products that are common to all, each store has its own personality and vision, tailoring its inventory to the needs of its customers and relevance to its local community.

Submission to God...Community with others...Independence in business
These are ideals embraced by the members of the Association of Logos Bookstores
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 Here's how we can help you ...

The Association of Logos Bookstores is here to provide assistance in starting up your new bookstore or transitioning your established store.

 Here's how we can help you and the stores who are already Logos Bookstore members:
* Two magazine-quality catalogs a year that will bring customers into your store
* A spring liturgical flyer featuring First Communion, Confirmation and Baby/Baptism gifts for your customers
* A high quality calendar with coupons each month for your customers
* High quality store bags in paper or plastic
* An annual manager conference focused on education and networking
* Access to our staff training library
* Association-sponsored vendor partnerships with better-than-normal terms
* Accessible one-on-one consulting
* Face-to-face annual visits to your store

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