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Max Lucado

Week One - God Has A Face
Reminder: Watch this video the week of Nov 25 - Dec 1

This first week's session will of course introduce you to our study, and to Max as well... if you're not already familiar with him. You'll find this a very calming, encouraging series as Max's soothing voice and comforting words wash over you as we begin this often all-too-hectic season, when the real focus is often missed. Enjoy... and discover again the wonder and joy of Christmas – because of Bethlehem!

Scripture of the Week

The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.
~ John 1:14 (The Message)

Discussion / Journaling Question

We sincerely believe this four-week online study will give you a fresh perspective, and deeper insight into the beloved and well-known Christmas story. Very often, things that we have become "familiar" with, sometimes lose some of their import to us–don't let that happen with you and the Christmas story!

Take time over the next few weeks, to allow the pastoral insights of Max; coupled with some stirring stories, as only he can share them, to re-acquaint you with the wonder of this season and God's story that made it all happen.

God went to incredible lengths to bring the message of His great love for us down to our level, including sending His Most Precious Son to be born, to live and to walk among us–all the way to a cross; one that should have been ours–not His. Experience God's love afresh this Christmas... Because of Bethlehem.

Questions to ponder, journal, or discuss with others enjoying this study with you:

  1. What Christmas traditions do you treasure the most?
  2. Are there things about Christmas that you'd like to change (improve) for you and your family this year?
  3. Does it change your understanding of the importance of Christmas knowing that God put on flesh and became "one of us"–in every sense of the phrase?
  4. Why do you think God chose to send Jesus, His One and Only Son, into the world through a common manger in a non-descript stable to an ordinary couple?
  5. What does this demonstrate to you about the extent God is willing to go to, in order to bring you to Himself?

Week One Study

Watch: Session 1 video

Read: Because of Bethlehem Study Guide, pages 9-34

Suggested: Read this week's Blog

Optional: Because of Bethlehem (Book), Chapters 1-5 (pages 3-56)

Next Week

Session 2: Worship Works Wonders

Available Dec 2 - Dec 8

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